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Slade Paddock

Slade Paddock

Discover the Heart of East Anglia

Slade Paddock Caravan & Campsite serves as the perfect gateway to explore the rich history and breathtaking landscapes of East Anglia. Our campsite's central location in the quaint village of Witcham allows easy access to a variety of cultural landmarks, historical sites, and natural beauty spots. Whether you are interested in serene walks, educational tours, or vibrant markets, the local area has something to offer every visitor.


Just a short drive from the campsite, Ely is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and architecture admirers. The city is renowned for its magnificent cathedral, known as the "Ship of the Fens" which dominates the skyline with its impressive architecture. Visitors can explore the Ely Museum, the stained glass museum, and the historical home of Oliver Cromwell. The waterside area of Ely is perfect for a leisurely stroll and dining out, offering scenic views along with a variety of restaurants and cafes.



A bit further afield lies the world-famous city of Cambridge, known for its university and the stunning college buildings. Take a guided punt along the River Cam, visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, or explore the botanical gardens. Cambridge is a hub of activity, offering street performers, bustling markets, and an array of shops and eateries, making it a vibrant day out for families, couples, and solo travellers alike.


For those who enjoy a day at the races, Newmarket, the birthplace of thoroughbred horse racing, is nearby. As well as the racecourse, you can visit the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art, which offers insights into the history of horse racing.

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St Ives

A charming market town, St. Ives features a picturesque riverside, a historic bridge with a chapel, and regular markets where you can sample local produce and crafts. The town is ideal for those who enjoy quieter, quainter settings with a rich historical backdrop.

Outdoor Activities

Directly accessible from the campsite are various walking and cycling paths that take you through the beautiful landscapes of the Cambridgeshire fens. These trails are perfect for nature lovers and offer opportunities to spot local wildlife and enjoy the region's unique flat landscapes.

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